Sunil Saxena,MD


    Diverse experience including homebuilding, medical devices, dental practices, restaurants and other real estate related ventures


    Inspiring and actionable speeches to drive peak performance by building rock solid mental foundations


    A book discussing multiple mental foundations critical to the pursuit of Massive Success


    Graduated medical school at the age of 23. Practicing, board certified Emergency Medicine physician for 8 years.


    Blog, Courses and Coaching to help you live the Insanely Awesome Life


    Former full time professional actor and comedian. Currently part time goof ball bringing value to the world with a healthy dose of fun and entertainment. Dreams of moving to LA to pursue acting and comedy full time again.

“This powerful, practical book gives you hundreds of ideas that you can use immediately to get more and better results than you ever thought possible – in every area of your life.”

Brian Tracy
Author - "Maximum Achievement"

“Sunil commands the room, filling it with warmth, humor and charisma.”

Donna Hemmert, MAPP
Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer
Positive Voices

“Sunil orchestrates great messages with entertainment. Brilliant!”

David Daugherty CEO
Coach and Mentor Vistage Chair

“Sunil is a mindset guru. He will help you recalibrate your limiting beliefs a make a huge difference in every area of your life.”

Keri Shull
Founder and CEO Keri Shull Team

“Sunil’s massive personality connects with those who desire more!”

Sheila Mehra, MD
Founder and CEO Dimensions Direct Primary Care


To Dr. Saxena, achieving your peak performance is what its all about . As such, he’s spent his career understanding what allows individuals and organizations to achieve peak performance. He’s all about helping others achieve their high level goals, whether they are relatively modest or as Jim Collins calls them BHAG’s (Big Hairy Audacious Goals).

His journey has been non-traditional at every step. After earning a medical degree at the age of 23 years old, Sunil realized he is an entrepreneur at heart and has always pursued building companies even while practicing medicine. He has built six successful companies mostly in the real estate industry.

In his book Massive Action Equals Massive Results, Dr. Saxena draws on his work as an entrepreneur, doctor, and father of four, and shares real-world examples to show you how to take massive action and create the massive success we all truly desire.

This intellectual and action-oriented book brilliantly explains how you can develop the proper mindset and start living the Massive Action lifestyle. 

Massive Action Equals Massive Results will show you:

  • How to achieve your goals more quickly, easily, and with more certainty
  • How to get the tools to update your brain’s 10,000 BC outdated operating system
  • How to develop rock-solid, inner-core confidence
  • How to take massive action that results in massive success
  • How to use time-management principles to achieve your goals
  • How to develop smart goals and remove fear from your life
  • What is “peak state” and why it is so important

Sunil is currently working on his second book, 30 Days to Awesome where he shares some specific tactics that can help you achieve the Insanely Awesome LifeTM.

Sunil speaks on a variety of topics but focus on sharing his personal story in his speech, What’s Your Dharma, Dude? In this dynamic and insightful presentation, he covers the importance of understanding your Dharama or the true reason you were put on this earth. This is a critical mental foundation upon which massive success can be built. This is the foundation that will determine your destiny.

We all spend an extraordinary amount of time working on things that we feel we “have to do”. Let Dr. Saxena show you what you were meant to do. 

  • Understand your big WHY and using it to supercharge your performance and maximize motivation and willpower
  • Building a Rock Solid Mental Foundation is critical to success
  • Introduce the 27 mental foundations needed for extreme success
  • Understand your Dharma as discussed in his book Massive Action Equals Massive Results
  • Learn from his lessons and mistakes as he left a lucrative medical career behind
  • Understand the science behind your Why and connecting with it on an emotional

Sunil was a full time professional actor based in NYC in his mid-20’s. Since then he has done local acting gigs in the Washington DC area where he resides. He got into comedy in 2006 and preforms sporadically. He comes from a long line of actors starting with his uncle Suresh Oberoi. His cousins Vivek and Akshay Oberoi have also made quite a name for themselves in Bollywood. His son Rohan Saxena has performed at the National Shakespeare theater in Washington DC and has done many other local acting gigs.

Sunil is on a mission to help individuals and organizations develop the proper mental foundations and culture to achieve peak performance. He is dedicated to helping everyone lif an Insanely Awesome Life.

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