Topics and Outcomes

MASSIVE ACTION EQUALS MASSIVE SUCCESS: How to take extraordinary measures to achieve your dreams When you or your organization develop the Massive Action mindset the game changes. It’s now a world where Massive Success can happen. Understand the basics and improve the underlying mentality that will create the environment for Massive Success.
  • What is the Massive Action mindset and lifestyle
  • Why take Massive Action
  • Hurdles you will face
  • How to take Massive Action; the basics
  • Why Massive Success is not possible without Massive action
IT’S BETWEEN THE EARS STUPID: Understanding the importance of mental game to your overall game, no matter what sport you play Once you get to a certain level in sports, it’s all between the ears (10/50/90 rule). Talent is only 10% of the equation. Athletes spend an extraordinary amount of time developing their physical skills and fitness but more often than not ignore their mental game. Let Dr. Saxena, your mental performance coach how you:
  • Strategies to use mental, physical and emotional challenges to improve your athletic performance
  • Understand that honing your mental game is arguably more important than your physical game
  • Using your Why to supercharge your performance and maximize motivation and willpower
  • Introduce the 27 mental foundations needed for extreme success
  • Develop Rock Solid Inner Core Belief
  • Perfect your Practice
  • Understand the science that creates the flow state
  • The one and only proper players mentality; a little cocky is a OKAY
FROM THE EMERGENCY ROOM TO THE BOARD ROOM: Lessons learned on the front lines of life or death The fast-paced environment of the emergency room can teach you a lot about how to be successful no matter what you are doing. In the ER you have to take Massive Action or else others will die. In the rest of the world the lack of Massive Action kills dreams. Sunil will share gripping stories that illustrate the points:
  • Massive Action
  • Quickness means more than intelligence
  • Sustained focus

LIFE IS A PERFORMANCE: Learn how to “perform” at your best by understanding it’s always a performance.

The stage (music/theater/comedy/movies) can teach us individually or as an organization lessons that allow Massive Success to happen. No matter who you are or what you do, it’s always a performance with some type of show and some type of audience. Sunil will use his performing experience to enlighten and delight your audience with his show.

  • Lessons learned from the stage
  • If it looks like a duck, acts like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck
  • Somebody is always watching
  • The audience may change but the show never does
  • The show must go on even if the performers change

WINDOWS 10,000 BC: Your brain’s outdated operating system is preventing you from achieving peak performance. Why evolutionary biology has made us who we are and how we can update our OS. Break free of your conscious and subconscious constraints and build the environment for Massive Success.

  • What is Windows 10,000 BC - Evolutionary biology is holding your back
  • 27 Mental foundations that you need to develop or change
  • How to connect your conscious and subconscious to work together
  • It must connect with you why housed in your reptilian brain
  • Reframe your emotions so they can help you move forward and not hold you back
  • FEAR – the worst four letter word in the English language
PUTTING ON A PEAK PERFORMANCE: Understanding what mental frameworks are required to put on a killer show What separates the top performers from the rest? The principles are the same whether you are in business, sports or entertainment. Let Sunil show you how to apply these foundational mental elements that can take your performances to the next level no matter whether you are a beginner or advanced performer.
  • The most important mental framework when performing
  • Your energy is their energy
  • Use Improv to up your game
  • It’s about you silly, not your music/act
  • It’s only good if it comes from the right character
  • Make memorable moments
KNOW YOUR NUMBERS: 10 Key numbers everyone should know if you want to live an Insanely Healthy Life. Translation: You don’t want to die Look you only have one life to live. Make it a healthy one so it has the opportunity to be Insanely Awesome. Dr. Saxena will share with you the ten most important health metrics to develop your body’s dashboard. I bet your doctor has never discussed most or all of these with you. The short sighted American healthcare system focus on fixing the problem once it occurs, how about preventing the problems in the first place? A seismic change in thinking that could save your life. Dr. Saxena will explain:
  • Your car’s dashboard gives you all the key indicators every time you start it, why don’t you know your body’s key indicators?
  • Without Insanely Awesome Health you cannot live an Insanely Awesome Life
  • Understanding what is going to kill you and why it’s important
  • Review the 10 key numbers
  • Basic strategies to improve your numbers
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